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27 Dec 2018

Axle Repair Axle Surgeon and Axel Replacement Specialists Spindle Doctor

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  • 27 Dec 2018

Axle Repair and Replacement Specialists for over 40 years providing safe and strong truck and trailer repairs. We come to you!

Axle Surgeons Mobile Spindle & Axle Repair and Replacement , Spindle repairs, Axle Eye Sleeving, Spider Plate Repair. ... As a certified Axle Surgeon, our axle spindle repair service can repair damaged axles. Mobile and Shop In-House Axle Repair Services We have the facilities and expertise necessary to repair your truck axles. class 8 trucks & trailers. Spindle repairs can also be performed on other heavy equipment including dump trucks, truck tractors, off-road agricultural, buses

  • We can repair any semi truck axles dealers models includes
  • Freightliner
  • International
  • Peterbilt
  • Sterling
  • Volvo
  • Western Star
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Hino
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi

What does axle surgeon do?

Axle Surgeons replacement process works on damaged axle tubes and spindles on vehicles 3/4- ton and up. For trucks, trailers, motorhomes, buses, refuse route haulers, and off-road vehicles. Axle Surgeons Axle Repair Mobile Axle Repair Truck Repair Axle Doctor. Changing up an axle semi truck trailer wheel bearings wheel seal spindle and axle.

When you call for a spindle replacement, our service experts conduct a free inspection of the spider plate, then replace only the parts you need. If you need both a trailer spindle and spider plate, you pay a reduced combination repair rate. We also custom-fit spider plates for most makes and models, even obsoletes.

The One And Only Spindle Products

Our spindles were designed with the vehicle owner in mind. They have been designed carefully and precisely with a patented threaded end, so that it can be tightened down into the existing axle tube with the integrated threads. This unique feature makes the Axle spindles serviceable! In the unfortunate event of another bearing failure, the spindle can be easily removed and replaced again. 

Axle spindles are proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Our vision for the future is a threaded axle manufactured direct from the factory. We hold the utility and design patent for the threaded in spindle which would be a huge selling point for manufacturers. This will revolutionize the transportation industry! If you are interested in adding our  threaded spindles to your OEM truck or trailer give us a call and we can discuss options available.

Can a axle spindle be replaced?

As long as the spindle end is not split or metal is missing, the end can be welded up, machined down, and rethreaded. A spindle that has had excessive heat from a burned bearing will be damaged to the point that it needs replacing. Sometimes the bearing is stuck on the spindle and cannot be taken off.

Top Signs Your Car Needs Axle Repair

  • Clunking Sounds. If the axle is damaged the vehicle will strain to move. ...
  • Wheel Area Vibrations. Odd vibrations or an uncommon rumbling sensations coming from the area of one tire that occur as you accelerate or while cornering are good signs that there is axle damage. ...
  • Car Won't Move.

Even though the signs of a broken axle on your truck and trailer are hard to miss, signs of fatigue or other issues can be more difficult to detect until they become much worse.   Here are some of the common axle repair symptoms you might experience when your truck or trailer axle or components have been damaged.

  • Vibrations or a rumbling noise coming from underneath your truck or trailer
  • A “wobbling” or uneven feeling coming from your wheels
  • Wheels do not move when you shift into gear or accelerate
  • Issues with power transfer combined with clanking or clunking noises
  • Loud clicking noises while turning
  • Evidence of leaking grease underneath the vehicle or along the interior edge of your tires

What are the axles on a semi truck called?

The front axle is called the steering axle while the rear axle that is powered is called the drive axle. Some tandems will have only one drive axle. The non-driven axle can be a tag axle (located behind the drive axle) or a pusher axle (located ahead of the drive axle).


How much does it cost to fix axles on a truck?

On average, you can expect it to cost between $880 and $959 to replace your car axle shaft, depending on the type of car you drive and which axle is broken. However, it's possible that you'll just need to repair your axle rather than replace it.

What causes spindle damage?

Spindle damage can be caused by a variety of factors which can include but not limited to: high mileage, bearing failure, improper bearing installation.

Can you swap axles on semi trailers?

It's definitely possible to upgrade a semi trailer's axle rating to a higher rating by just swapping the axles. To pick out the correct axle you'll need to measure the distance between the hub faces and the spring seat centers and you'll know which will fit as a replacement. other facrots wiil be axel make model, etc.

What is the difference between a wheel bearing and axle bearing?

The axle serves as a driving torque to the wheel and supports the weight of the car, while the axle bearing ensures that the axle's rotation is frictionless. So, when these wheel bearings start to wear off or break down, drivers will begin noticing a significant difference in the drive.

How many axles does a typical semi truck have?

When fully attached to a trailer, a semi-truck technically has five axles. If you're not attached to a trailer, a semi-truck technically has three axles. With that being said, there are many different types of semi-truck axle trailers, and the number of axles your semi-truck has when attached could vary.

How many axles are on a 18 wheeler?


An 18 wheeler has a total of five (5) axles.

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